BEAUTY BREAKDOWN: Freckles and Fuchsia

The model you are looking at in this photo is absolutely gorgeous, has perfect eyebrows and most importantly perfect skin.  If you are someone with freckles and you are reading this post take note. To create this look I skipped the foundation entirely and instead opted for a cream contour and highlighting cream, and if you have freckles or are doing makeup on someone with freckles - you should do the same. STOP COVERING THEM UP.  In photography and in real life, skin should look like skin especially when it looks like this.

Photographer:  Karolina Pran

Photographer: Karolina Pran

To prep the skin I used Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentrate mixed with MAC Strobe Cream. I knew I wanted the skin to reflect light but not look like a metallic alien from the future. I took Cinema Secrets Foundation and lightly applied some around her nose and under the eye - but making sure to even out her skin tone and not cover it entirely (I think this was to make myself feel better, because truthfully she didn't need it).  I used the same foundation on her eyelids to make sure the lid looked even and to cover any discolouration or veins that you may see on the eyelids when you are working on fair skin.  I set the foundation on her lid with translucent powder from Laura Mercier and made sure to work it into the brow.

Because we were shooting macro (meaning super friggin close) I didn't want to cover her skin with any powder products, but I wanted to create some definition. The Maybelline Master Contour Duo Stick in Light was perfect for this. The colour is great for pale skin (not too orange) and I applied it straight from the tube and worked it in using a synthetic contour brush. I finished off the cheek by dotting on the Maybelline Master Strobing Stick in Nude Glow to the top of her cheek bones and working it in with another synthetic brush.  On to the brows.

Let's be honest, she already had fantastic brows to start - I just got them camera ready. Using the  Anastasia Brow Powder Duo, I filled in the bare spots of her brow and made sure they were even and in a natural shape. To comb the brow hairs into place I used a slightly darker shade of the Anastasia Tinted Brow Gel to make sure you could visibly see the brow hairs in the photo. I curled her lashes and applied a coat of L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara to the top lash line only (bottom would have been too much) and that was that.

Last step - that fuchsia lip. Maybelline makes some of the greatest fuchsia lipsticks around and this one was called 'Fiery Fuchsia' . I prepped her lips with a bit of concealer to make sure the colour really popped and to make sure I could get a clean lip line. I find lipstick applies a little bit better when used over concealer vs. right on the bare lip. Also, if anyone is doing this make sure you aren't over caffeinated. It's like trimming your own bangs, once you start trying to even things out you will have super short bangs or in this case a lip line that starts under your nose.  Breathe, have a steady hand, and once your lipstick is on clean up the lip line with that same concealer you used to prep the lips and off you go. Here is what the model looked like in an unfiltered, un-retouched photo from my iPhone. Yes she is a stunning under 20 year old beauty, so don't be too hard on yourself.

This is one of my favourite beauty looks. A bold lip and brow looks great on any skin tone so I hope you'll try it yourself - and if you do post a pic and tag me on social media!!! I would love to see it.