How To Work With Eyebrows That Are Going Grey

My last post on working with mature skin had a lot of you asking about more specific makeup application techniques, specifically when it comes to brows. As we all know a good brow can make a face. Good brows mean less eye makeup and a fuller groomed brow can make you look younger - but brows are not immune to going grey. For both MUA's and anyone dealing with brows that are starting to go grey it can be hard to figure out what to do when you are presented with a brow that contains a few grey hairs.

The first thing to remember is that you need to use quality products that contain enough pigment to actually stay on your brows all day. Say goodbye to your cheap $2 brow pencil. The second thing to remember is that you need to use a product that will grab onto the hair and coat the hair follicle. This is what helps to seamlessly blend the grey hair into the rest of the hair in the brow. The third thing to remember is that grey hair is usually more coarse than regular hair, so something that provides colour and control is what is going to get those brows in check. Finally, make sure your brows are trimmed and not overgrown, this will make it so much easier when applying product. MUA's if you are reading and are dealing with someone with longer brow hairs, you need to brush through them before applying product to ensure your product can actually be blended into the brows.

Here are a couple products you may want to introduce into your life and makeup kits:

Tinted Brow Gel: I mentioned needing something to control the hair as well as coat it in product - brow gel is the answer to all your prayers. For some of you it may be all you need to get those grey hairs under control and looking like the rest of the brows they are a part of. Some brow gels even come with fibres in them to add to sparse brows. My faves are from Benefit, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Maybelline, and Essence Cosmetics

Brow Primer: That's right - brow primer. I am a huge fan of filling in brows with powder (makes for a softer look). Brow primer will get that powder to grab on to those brow hairs and never let go. Because brow primers are usually waxy in texture they will also help keep brows in place. My favourite brow primer and brow powders are both from Anastasia Beverly Hills.

Don't be afraid to layer products either - if you are a fan of a specific brow pencil, set it with a tinted brow gel for added coverage.

The last and most important tip I have is to make sure you are choosing the correct colour for any of your brow products. Stay away from anything that looks to0 warm (unless you have red hair) or too dark, and if you or your client are 100% grey, use something neutral or ash toned in the brows. This will make for a much more believable look when you are filling in brows.