Q&A: How do I properly apply makeup around the eye area on mature skin without it settling into fine lines?

The first thing to remember is that less is always more when dealing with mature skin. The more you pack on, the more chance there is that all of that gunk is going to settle into lines around the eye area which makes for a less than desirable end result. I am going to run through a couple of pointers to help you deal with this. I won't be specific on products in this post, technique is what matters most here so there is no need to feel like you need to go out and replace every product you have.

  • Prep the eye area with the appropriate moisturizer. Moisturize if the skin is dry, hydrate with a light textured eye cream/gel if the skin is combo/oily. Give the eye cream a chance to settle in before you start applying anything.
  • Stop layering product unnecessarily, pay attention to where and what you are applying around the eye. We have a habit (I do this on myself) to layer on foundation, then concealer and powder without paying attention to if or where we need it. This works well on 16 year old models, but that's about it. Sometimes concealer is all you need under the eye to brighten and neutralize discolouration, withhold the urge to layer product on top of product when all you  may need is a little dab of concealer or foundation.
  •  Use colour correctors. Less is really more. Appropriate colour correctors can fix any discolouration around the eye, and when mixed with concealer will reduce the amount of product you need to apply in that area so you won't feel like you need to cover those under eye circles with mass amounts of product.
  • Work with products that are highly pigmented (shadows, concealers, foundation) so you need to apply less.
  • Set your makeup with setting powders that are fine in texture. Put down your giant powder puff, more powder doesn't equal longer wear or more coverage.
  • Use an eyeshadow primer. Eyelids get wrinkly and we need all the help we can get to apply shadow smoothly - a good eyeshadow primer, followed up by a good quality shadow makes a world of difference. You will need less product and you can even go as far as skipping foundation/concealer on the lids. Start your eye makeup with a clean eyelid followed up by a primer and shadow. You would be surprised how well this works and stays on mature skin.

Be purposeful with your makeup application on mature skin, the more makeup you apply the more product will eventually settle into those fine lines. Use only what you need to get the job done, and make things easy on yourself with good quality products that have a great colour payoff.