Tips For Applying Makeup On Mature Skin

Applying makeup on mature skin is one of those topics I get asked about frequently. For those of you reading currently in makeup school, you will have very minimal experience working with mature skin in class. When you get into the real world this is going to be one of those things that will be the most challenging type of makeup application for you during the early stages of your career. What our industry doesn't tell you is that as a working makeup artist you likely won't be working with the Gigi Hadid's of the world. In fact the majority of your work will be on regular people - extras, actors (not the famous kind), brides - these regular people will not fall into the under 20 and beautiful category. Let me save you some anxiety and share a few of my tips for applying makeup on mature skin.

  1. Moisturize like your life depends on it. Of course mature skin comes in all different forms but for many of us as we age our skin gets drier and as you all know, dry skin is not makeup friendly. Foundation won't absorb, the skin will look dull and you will end up aging your client 10 years with the wrong makeup application. If your moisturizer is not absorbing, spot exfoliate your client's skin to ensure any moisturizing or hydrating product is able to sink in and create a perfect base for makeup.

  2. Use foundation that is highly pigmented but not thick in texture. The less product on mature skin, the better. Applying heaps of makeup is just not going to work. You don't want to risk layers of product settling into lines on the face. You should aim to create a natural even skin tone, not a mask that covers the entire face. We can't use foundation to cover wrinkles and if you think that is what you should be doing you are missing the point.

  3. Set any makeup with a fine setting powder. This goes back to the idea that less product is best with mature skin. Fine milled setting powders will not settle into lines and will not be overly mattifying. We want the skin to glow and look healthy, not like a piece of jerky painted like a clown.

  4. Use cream blush. The less powder on the skin the better, cream blush creates a natural glow on the skin and brings back colour into the complexion. Apply this before your setting powder to avoid layering powdery products.

  5. When using eyeshadow remember to blend and work the shadow onto the skin. Don't be afraid to lift the lid to get your shadow on there. Use a primer on the lid to make blending easier and to make sure shadow doesn't crease, especially if your client has a deeper eye socket or droopy eyelids.

Don't let a few wrinkles detour you from a beautiful makeup application. Since we are all going to have them eventually, it's best to learn how to deal with them now! I will be sharing some of my favourite products for mature skin in another post. I can't give you all my secrets just yet ;)

Photo Credit: Maya Sherwood Photography