BEAUTY BREAKDOWN: Freckles and Faux Lashes

I was lucky enough to shoot with this gorgeous model for a second time for the Velour Lashes Custom Lash Tool Campaign. If you don't know what i'm talking about - go check it out right now. You can basically design your own custom lash - it's AMAZING. The shoot called for a before lashes shot, an 'after' shot with lashes and a second look with a fuller pair of lashes and more intense makeup (if I recall we had about 3-4 hours to capture all of this, including hair). Let me walk you through how I created these looks and how I got all of this done in less than half a day.

Creating the 'before' look:

The client wanted her freckles to show through, a natural fresh makeup look that wasn't too heavy around the eyes so the lashes could be the main focus. I also had to keep in mind that the colours I chose for blush and eyeshadow would have to work well with different lip colours and they had to be easily intensified because I would not have the time during this shoot to reset her makeup completely. I had to start with a look that I could easily build throughout the shoot.

Products/techniques used:

Here is the final result:


Next step was to apply lashes for the 'After' Shot. I applied a lash with the following specs (if you want to make your own): Flare-Criss Cross-Whispie-11mm-Black Band. I enhanced the blush a tiny bit and changed her lip to a more opaque nude which was Maybelline Lipstick in 'Daringly Nude'. The makeup change and lash application was about 15 minutes in total, thankfully I had the Velour Too Easy Lash Applicator to help me out (my new lash application essential). Here's the result:


Now for the second 'after' shot. Velour wanted to keep her skin the same, go with a deeper lip and intensify the eyes a bit more without overpowering the lash. I removed her lipstick with Bioderma Micellar Water, muted down the lip with a bit of foundation and applied Maybelline Lipstick in 'Mauve It'. I intensified her lower lash line with Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow in Rich Brown (the warm undertone of that shadow makes her blue eyes pop). The lashes we applied were a bit more dramatic and had the following design: Round-Straight-Whispie-15mm-Black Band. 


LOVE this lash on her. Plus that mauve lip is gorgeous (not many people can pull that off). We also created a second makeup option with this lash style with a red lip. I don't think Velour chose this look for their campaign but I wanted to share it with you anyways. I swiped this lip colour for a blend of reds from the MAC Editorial Reds Lip Palette (Lady Danger + Russian Red) and here's a shot from my phone:


That's a wrap! This campaign was so fun to shoot and this was one of multiple models I got to work with over three days for this campaign. I will definitely have to share beauty breakdowns for the other looks I created so you can see how some of the Velour Custom Lashes look on models and in photos. If you feel like you can never find the right lash for you (me, everyday) go and check out the custom lash tool on the Velour website

Photography: Luis Mora