Vueset Nude Lip Palette

I've been talking about downsizing my kit for the last 6 months and it's finally happening. To everyone that recommended the Vueset Tahiti palette THANK YOU! They are the perfect size and now I want to put everything I can into these little guys. As you already know I am obsessed with clean beauty looks, and as a result I have a huge number of nude lipsticks that I love working with. The palette I created has my favourite nudes from MAC, Maybelline and L'Oreal. It contains nudes for all skin tones, both sheer and matte nudes and nudes with a hint of colour.  Here is what my palette ended up looking like:


Here is a list of all of the lipsticks in this palette:

First row from left to right:

  • Maybelline 920 Nude Lust (Sheer)

  • MAC Fresh Brew (Sheer)

  • Maybelline 235 Warm Me Up (Sheer)

  • L'Oreal 800 Fairest Nude (Sheer)

  • Maybelline 540 Peach Buff (Matte)

  • Maybelline 450 Romantic Rose (Cream)

  • Maybelline 550 Honey Pink (Matte)

  • Maybelline 565 Almond Rose (Matte)

Second row from left to right:

  • MAC Blankety (Cream)

  • Maybelline Daringly Nude (Matte)

  • Maybelline 545 Beige Babe (Matte)

  • MAC Honey Love (Cream)

  • MAC Yash (Matte)

  • MAC Cherish (Satin)

  • Make Up For Ever Mat 1

  • MAC Spirit (Satin)

Third row from left to right:

  • MAC Velvet Teddy (Matte)

  • Maybelline 560 Raw Chocolate (Matte)

  • L'Oreal 840 Nature's Blush (cream)

  • MAC Taupe (Matte)

  • MAC Touch (Lustre)

  • MAC Persistence (Matte)

  • MAC Verve (Satin)

  • Maybelline 775 Raging Raisin (Cream)

To get the lipsticks into the palette I scraped them out of the tube with a stainless steel spatula and smushed them into the palette! I didn't need to microwave them and I don't know if this is on purpose but both of my spatula's easily fit into the empty wells. I should also mention this palette was pretty inexpensive to put together. For those of you that don't know this, MAC Cosmetics offers a recycling program where you can bring 6 empty MAC containers (some exclusions apply) and exchange them for a lipstick, lipglass, or single eyeshadow. That's how I got a lot of the MAC Lipsticks in this palette. For all of the drugstore lipsticks in this palette I waited until they were on sale for $5.99 and stocked up. I also used my optimum points at Shoppers Drug Mart (If you are Canadian, you know what this is) to get most of the lipsticks for free. So it takes some time but you can put something like this together for a pretty decent price.

For more information about this palette and how I use it you can check out this video.