What to ask your clients during a bridal makeup trial.

When you first start out in the bridal makeup industry there is always this mystery about what happens at the trial and what to say to ensure your clients book you for the big day. Because there is a lot of money on the line with this type of client, you want to make sure that aside from a great makeup application you are getting all the information you need to make sure the wedding day runs smoothly with no surprises. To save you from the shock of finding out your client has weird allergies or discovering two days before you are actually driving 3 hours out of the city; I want to provide you with some questions you may want to ask your bridal client before signing on the dotted line. Asking these questions will make you look organized, professional, and will reassure your clients you know what you are doing (even if you don't).

  1. Do you have any allergies? I start every makeup application with this question. It is so important for obvious reasons and better to find out before shit starts getting real.
  2. Do you have any inspiration images of makeup/hair looks you like? It is here where you will find out if they want a makeup artist or a plastic surgeon. Generally a picture will give you some sort of visual reference and no matter how far from reality these pictures can be, they are a great starting point and will let you know how much managing expectations you will have to do. For example: J-Lo glow skin does not last 12 hours and will make you look like the bottom of a frying pan after about 3 hours, or the photo they show you is so retouched you may have to explain the person in the picture is actually closer to an avatar than a human. Remember we are not psychic and any picture (no matter how retouched) can give you a better understanding of what their expectations are for makeup/hair and you can work with your client to figure out the look they want for the big day.
  3. What colour is your boquet and/or what colour are your bridesmaids wearing? Think about the big picture. Your client is paying big money for a photographer and you want to make sure your makeup looks great with anything or anyone that is going to be in the photo with the bride. You don't want your makeup clashing with the flowers or the bridal party.
  1. Ask about all the logistical details of the big day. How many people require services, the location where everyone will be getting ready on the day of, also be sure to know (if you can) when makeup/hair needs to be completed by and timing for the day. All of this will help you with pricing (travel fees), drafting up your contract, and the makeup/hair schedule for the day (which you should be providing to your clients btw).

Being prepared and professional (and on time) is the name of the game in bridal. Any information you can get from your client during the trial will make things so much easier for you (and them) on the big day. This type of questioning shows you are thoughtful, professional, and will have your clients ready to book with you as soon as the trial is done!