Lash Downsizing With Vueset

It seems like this blog is sponsored by Vueset, but I promise you it's not and I have purchased every single palette I have written about!!! I've been focused this year on really trying to make my life easier by carrying less (I haven't quite gotten there yet) but these palettes have really been a dream. 

I hate lash packaging, I find it such a pain in the ass. It's bulky (I understand it serves a purpose) but I still hate it. When I'm working a bridal appointment guaranteed there will be 2 minutes of fumbling through bulky lash packaging before the application is done. I decided i'm over it, and picked up the Vueset Taxi and Crazy Jane palettes in hopes that I would be able to downsize my lashes..... AND IT WORKED! 

Starting with the Crazy Jane Palette, I used this one to condense the trays of individual lashes I like to carry. No trimming required, I took them out of the packaging and stacked them on top of one another and put them in the palette. You'll be able to see I took some of the individual lash trays and cut them in half so I could fit a few more lashes in the palette. Stacking them this way hasn't caused any issues for me, and the lashes have kept their shape. I also prefer to work with my individual trashes on larger trays - it makes them easier to manage for me, which is why I didn't attempt to condense them into a smaller Vueset palette. 


I wanted something a bit smaller for my full lashes and the Taxi palette was the perfect choice. There was some trimming required with these to make the lashes fit. I cut most of the lashes down to size, labelled style, and which was left or right. I arranged them by style from more natural to dramatic to reduce fumbling around time (most natural is to the left). I also was able to fit a few individuals in this palette as well. From my calculations you can fit anywhere from 20-25 pairs of lashes in this palette. Placing them upside down in the palette helps to preserve their shape. With some styles I had to trim the bottom of the trays to be ale to fit them in.


Not sure what i'm going to tackle next!