Vueset MAC Concealer Palette

The process of getting my kit downsized continues! This time I tackled my MAC Concealers. I use the Studio Finish Concealers (which are fantastic by the way) and smushed them all into a Vueset Tahiti Palette. These concealers come in a couple of different forms. If you are just starting out you can check out the MAC Studio Conceal and Correct Palettes (a personal fave). Each palette has 2 warm toned concealers, 2 cool toned concealers, and 2 correctors ($43 CAD). The shades in these palettes are well curated and for me have become a kit essential. If you wanted to freestyle you can also purchase concealers individually (CAD$15.50) and make your own palette with whatever you like (Vueset, pill container, Z-Palette, MAC empty palettes etc.). Remember MUA's you also get a pro discount here so take anywhere from 20%-40% of the listed price.

Here's how my palette ended up looking:

Top Row Left to Right (Warm tones, think of NC as 'NOT COOL')

NC15, NC20, NC30, NC35, NC40, NC42, NC45, NC50

Middle Row Left to Right (Cool tones, think of NW as 'NOT WARM')

W10, NW20, NW25, NW35, NW40, NW43, NW, 45, NW55

Bottom Row Left to Right (Correctors, missing a deep green - MAC doesn't have one)

Pale Yellow, Rich Yellow,  Ochre, Pale Pink, Burnt Coral, Pure Orange, Blonde Ash

A quick Q&A about these concealers:

  • They will cake and crease if you apply too much (LIKE EVERYTHING) the tiniest amount is needed, and even less is needed if you mix them with the appropriate corrector
  • They can be used on all skin types and work well on mature skin
  • I use these for everything all the time (bridal, beauty, commercials, etc.)
  • If you are stuck they can double up for foundation, small amounts buffed into the skin works like a charm