Face Atelier Ultra Foundation Shade Breakdown and Info

I hope you enjoyed the Face Atelier Q&A video that I posted on my channel this week. If you haven’t seen it yet you can watch it below.

As you know Face Atelier Ultra Foundation is a staple in my kit. Below is a full shade breakdown, information on where to purchase the foundation, shades I carry in my kit, and suggested shades if you are interested in adding the foundation to your own kits.

Let’s start with where you can purchase the foundation:

The Face Atelier website:

They have three discount programs opened to pro MUAs, students, and industry professionals. The pro discount is 40% which is amazing and you can order samples of the foundation which are usually good for 2 -3 applications.

Here is a link the Face Atelier Store Locator page that will give you a list of retailers where you can purchase the product from in Canada, the US, and internationally:


Camera Ready Cosmetics:

A large number of you are in the US and one of my favourite places to shop for pro MUA products is at Camera Ready Cosmetics. They have a pro discount, free shipping in the US for purchases over $50, and you can opt to pay for your purchase in instalments at checkout. Their website is also extremely informative and you can browse through products from all of the other great brands they carry.

Here is a full shade breakdown of the Face Atelier Ultra foundation:

#.5 Pearl - Neutral, very fair complexion (no pink)

#1 Porcelain - Fair to light complexion, yellow undertone

#2 Ivory - Light complexion, yellow undertone

#3 Wheat - Light complexion, yellow undertone

#4 Sand - Medium complexion, yellow undertone

#5 Sepia - Medium complexion, yellow undertone

#6 Honey - Light/medium olive complexion, yellow undertone

#7 Tan - Medium olive complexion, golden undertone

#8 Caramel - Dark olive complexion, deep golden undertone

#9 Toffee - Medium to deep skin, red/brown undertones

#10 Cocoa - Deep skin, light caramel, yellow/green undertones

#11 Mink - Deep skin, dark caramel, yellow/red undertones

#12 Sable - Deep skin, rich brown, neutral undertones


#0- (Zero Minus) - White, used to lighten

#0+ (Zero Plus) - Complex brown with yellow/red undertones, used to darken

#0++ (Zero Plus Plus) - Black brown with blue/black undertones, used to darken

Heat: Orange/Red undertone

Blaze: Yellow undertone

Shades I carry in my kit: 

.5, 1, 3, 6,7, 8, 10, 12, 0+, 0-, Heat, Blaze

Recommended shades for your kit:

.5,1,6,8,9,10,11,12, 0++, Heat, Blaze