What shoes do you wear on set?

My instagram stories today showcased my station setup and my new Vans sneakers and that set off a whole wave of questions about footwear for set. In today’s post I’ll go over my favourite shoes for working on set.

Please keep in mind:

  1. I am not a podiatrist and what I am discussing in today’s post works for my small, wide, highly arched feet. What works for me may not work for you.

  2. You should consider seeing a podiatrist if you plan on doing this job for any amount of time, podiatrists can give you some amazing insight on your feet and help prevent long term back, hip, and knee problems. 

  3. Consider custom orthotics a kit essential if you are working on set. They will save your life and can easily fit into a lot of your favourite shoes.

Here are the shoes I wear on set:


These are my all time favourite, ride or die pair of shoes for set. I can wear these in any weather and inside or outdoors for LONG periods of time. They are extremely comfortable and I have had this specific pair for years (they last forever). Blundstone’s are a really popular on set shoe. They have to be weather treated every year and you can purchase a sheepskin footbed for the colder months. The sheepskin footbed has saved me many times when shooting outdoors.



If only I had my original pair of docs from high school in the 90’s I would look SO COOL on set. This brand makes extremely well constructed shoes that will last you a long time. I stand in hours for these with no issue. They’ve got tons of styles to choose from and they also have great vegan options. I wear the 8 hole greasy leather ones (this type of leather is really easy to break in). These will also have to be weather treated and if you go for the original leather just be warned they are a bitch to break in and will destroy your feet - but once you do break them in they are amazing. 


Heads up there are some sets that may require steel toed boots be worn. If you are joining the union I’m pretty sure it is mandatory that you own a pair. Blundstone and Dr. Martens offer steel toed options.

Now let’s get into my favourite thing SNEAKERS. I absolutely love sneakers and if I ever got rich I would likely blow all my money on running shoes. 


I’ve been wearing these since high school and they are my absolute hands down favourite shoe ever (the OG Infrareds are my fave). I can easily wear these on long set days. Heads up - get the mesh top if you do want to purchase a pair of these. The all leather Air Max 90’s can be harder to break in, and they make your feet sweat on set. The all leather would be better for colder weather. 

I know how horrible these look but your set shoes are going to take a beating!!!!

I know how horrible these look but your set shoes are going to take a beating!!!!


I’m obviously dating myself with the Air Max and the AF1’s but this is another shoe that I am obsessed with. Not as great for long set days as the previously mentioned shoes but for days when I am standing for 8 hours or less they are great. I wear the all white AF1 lows.



These just look cute but they are horrible on my feet (similar to when I wear Chuck Taylor’s). I only am mentoring them because they inspired this post. I wear these when I am working for just a few hours or when I need to look like I don’t live under a rock. Good luck getting an orthotic or any kind of insole in these. They do have a version of these with some sort of extra cushioning but I don’t know how much better they would be for me personally. 

2940042399923980554_IMG_2768 2.jpg

When I have to look more professional on set or if I am on camera I do have a few pairs of boots from Zara that I will wear but they kill my feet. I always have sneakers in my car so when I have days where I need to be more dressy I’ll suffer in a dressier shoe and switch to sneakers the minute I can. 

If you have any questions let me know or if you have a pair of shoes that have worked for you please share them below for anyone that may be interested!!