What To Buy From Smith Cosmetics, My Top 5 Brushes

At the end of September I was gifted a ton of brushes from Smith Cosmetics, I posted a very detailed review about what I liked and disliked about the brushes that you can watch on YouTube. To simplify things here are my top 5 brushes from Smith Cosmetics that I think are worth the investment and will work for any artist regardless of where you are in your career.

#115 Foundation Brush ($28.50 CAD) Buffing on foundation no matter the texture (cream, liquid, etc.) is my favourite technique for foundation application and the #115 makes this a dream come true. The buffing technique is what gets me that flawless skin finish on camera. Don’t forget to try buffing in your favourite cream blushes and highlighters with this as well. Your models/talent/clients will love how soft it is and they will be obsessed with their skin once you are done.

#247 Flat Round Crease Brush ($27.00 CAD) Base shadow, smokey eye, highlighter - whatever you want to pack on an eyelid, this brush can help you with. It is the perfect size, shape, and density for eyeshadow application (works really well to highlight small areas of the face as well). This is the type of brush you want to budget for and eventually purchase multiples of for your kit.

#256 Large Arrowhead Laydown Eyeshadow Brush ($24.00 CAD) Blending, creating structure on the eyelids, highlighter on the cheek, shadow on the lower lash line…. the list goes on with how much you can do with this brush. Combined with the 247, you will be unstoppable!!

#220 Eyeshadow Finishing Brush ($24.00 CAD) You might think you won’t need this, but you do. It’s all in the details, especially if you are dying to create and execute precise, perfect beauty looks for your portfolio. Soften a lip line, correct a lip line, detail a shadow look, clean up fall out. This is another brush you can use for 100 different things.

#205 Angled Liner Brush ($20.00 CAD) Every artist needs a good synthetic angled brush that won’t lose shape in their arsenal. This one can help you execute perfect winged liner and fill in brows for days. The size of this brush is perfect for the eye area and very easy to control - great for those of you that are still learning how to nail down liquid/gel liner.

For more info about these brushes you can check out the Smith Cosmetics Website and remember they also have a pro discount, as well as brush sets and brush holders.