Products that work to control sweat under makeup.

I wanted to provide some additional information on some of the products that I featured in my YouTube video where I demonstrated a romantic bridal look that is sweat and heat resistant.

Mehron Skin Prep Pro

This is a heavy duty, highly effective product for sweat control, but there are a few things you should know about this stuff before slathering it all over your client’s face. 

  • It works best on clean skin (no moisturizer, eye cream, etc.). If your clients need to hydrate they should do a mask or application of moisturizer the night before.

  • You need very little of this product to work, so don’t be heavy handed because it can leave a light residue on the skin. I use a cotton pad/cotton ball to apply a light layer where my clients will be sweating (hairline, upper lip, around the nose).

  • Give it a few minutes to dry before moving on to foundation application.

  • You should be applying this during your makeup trial (for bridal) to ensure there are no allergic reactions. I prefer to do a patch test on the inside of the arm before the trial/makeup application before moving on to the face. This product can (and likely will) make your client’s skin feel tight so you need to make sure they are ok with this - it’s the trade off for a sweat free face.

Cinema Secrets Super Sealer Mattifying Setting Spray

If the Mehron is too much for your clients (or you can’t find anywhere to purchase it) the Cinema Secrets Setting Spray is your next best option. This product can be used as a primer and setting spray to make sure your makeup application does not move in humid weather. A few tips on how to make the best use of this product:

  • Similarly to Mehron I find this works best on clean skin if you are going to use it as a primer.

  • It works AMAZINGLY well in combination with Cinema Secrets Foundation.

  • For triple sweat proofing apply it as a primer, after foundation (before powder), and as a final step in setting the makeup.

  • This can also make your client’s skin feel tight so make sure to give them a heads up and definitely patch test before applying on the skin.

If you didn't see the video here it is: