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How To Work With Eyebrows That Are Going Grey

My last post on working with mature skin had a lot of you asking about more specific makeup application techniques, specifically when it comes to brows. As we all know a good brow can make a face. Good brows mean less eye makeup and a fuller groomed brow can make you look younger - but brows are not immune to going grey. For both MUA's and anyone dealing with brows that are starting to go grey it can be hard to figure out what to do when you are presented with a brow that contains a few grey hairs.

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BEAUTY BREAKDOWN: Natural Skin, Bold Lip

Let me start this post by saying that Cleo our model had fantastic skin and really awesome brows so that made my life pretty easy with this look!  I had no patience and started working on getting her skin glowing right away.  I wanted to enhance that and balance the look with a bold lip, which I think works well with her hair, brows, and minimal product on the eyes. A light contour with only foundation added just enough dimension to her face.

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BEAUTY BREAKDOWN: Freckles and Fuchsia

The model you are looking at in this photo is absolutely gorgeous, has perfect eyebrows and most importantly perfect skin.  If you are someone with freckles and you are reading this post take note. To create this look I skipped the foundation entirely and instead opted for a cream contour and highlighting cream, and if you have freckles or are doing makeup on someone with freckles - you should do the same. STOP COVERING THEM UP.  In photography and in real life, skin should look like skin especially when it looks like this.

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