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Beauty Breakdown: Today's Bride Magazine, Soft Cut Crease Bridal Look

This is one of my favourite makeup looks to do for bridal - the makeup is soft, romantic, it photographs well and can be adapted to different eye shapes and skin tones. If you are interested in pursuing work as a MUA in the bridal industry, this is definitely a look you want to master. The idea behind a look like this is that it softly emphasizes all the bride's features. The eyeshadow is actually a cut crease shadow application (just softened), the cheeks are slightly contoured and the lips are an enhanced version of the bride's natural lip colour.

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BEAUTY BREAKDOWN: Freckles and Fuchsia

The model you are looking at in this photo is absolutely gorgeous, has perfect eyebrows and most importantly perfect skin.  If you are someone with freckles and you are reading this post take note. To create this look I skipped the foundation entirely and instead opted for a cream contour and highlighting cream, and if you have freckles or are doing makeup on someone with freckles - you should do the same. STOP COVERING THEM UP.  In photography and in real life, skin should look like skin especially when it looks like this.

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