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Bridal Touch Up Kits: What to include, where to buy, and how much you should spend.

Leaving your bridal clients with a touch up kit is a great add on to your wedding day makeup/hair service. It is my experience that most brides do not want to spend additional money on having you back later in the day for touch ups, so the touch-up kit provides them with some insurance that they will be able to maintain the look that you have created for them on their own. 

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Beauty Breakdown: Today's Bride Magazine, Soft Cut Crease Bridal Look

This is one of my favourite makeup looks to do for bridal - the makeup is soft, romantic, it photographs well and can be adapted to different eye shapes and skin tones. If you are interested in pursuing work as a MUA in the bridal industry, this is definitely a look you want to master. The idea behind a look like this is that it softly emphasizes all the bride's features. The eyeshadow is actually a cut crease shadow application (just softened), the cheeks are slightly contoured and the lips are an enhanced version of the bride's natural lip colour.

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